Our first Boston DataOps Meetup was May 17th! Stay tuned for an announcement of the next meetup!

We've been gathering virtually for two years now, discussing what's working and what's not, when it comes to running, managing, and monitoring data pipelines and data-intensive workloads.

We like to talk about data-driven applications, data culture, rules of engagement, workflows, going multi-cloud, and all kinds of engineering and architecture best practices.

This is an opportunity to meet up in person, grab a beer, eat some tasty food, and hang out with other DataOps pros.

Next Meetup Date & Time


Cost to Attend?

The meetup is free for all to attend and food and drinks are on us!

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Previous meetup speakers


Chris Santiago

VP, Solutions Engineering


Meetup talk: Exploiting the multi-cloud opportunity with DataOps

Discover the common obstacles that data teams encounter in data migration and understand why next-generation data tools must evolve beyond simple observability to provide prescriptive insights. Chris Santiago shares best practices for optimizing big data costs, and demonstrates through real-world case studies how a mature DataOps practice can accelerate even the most complex cloud migration projects.


Paul Scott-Murphy



Meetup talk: DataOps and edge computing 

Edge computing uses, generates, and stores data outside of the cloud. Increasingly sophisticated devices and sensor technologies at the edge (think “LiDAR”, not “lightbulb”) are already generating more data than there is bandwidth available for delivery to the cloud. Architectures that accommodate this data migration gap will be needed to build the infrastructure to benefit from edge data at scale. Paul will provide the context to understand the drivers for the development of edge to cloud technologies, give examples of organizations addressing the challenges in large-scale edge computing, and explain how you can get ahead with knowledge of successful strategies for tomorrow’s most significant data platforms.

Thank you to our sponsors for making our May 17th meetup possible!

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