Operational analytics loop: making the virtuous cycle of data a reality with the modern data stack

Software practices are eating the business, and data is no exception. The rise of DataOps has pushed companies toward more repeatability, flexibility, and speed in data operations and processes. However, despite its best efforts, DataOps has largely struggled to close the gap between the data stakeholders who use data and the data teams that leverage it.

In this talk, Boris Jabes, CEO of reverse ETL and operational analytics pioneer Census, will break down how DataOps teams can finally bridge this gap with operational analytics to achieve the gold standard of the DevOps principles they've adopted: The virtuous cycle of data.


Boris Jabes



What is the cost to attend and watch the virtual sessions?

Data Team Summit is always free and open for all to attend.

What is Data Teams Summit?

This year, we've taken the peer-to-peer empowerment of data teams one step further and formally transformed DataOps Unleashed into Data Teams Summit to better reflect our focus on the teams and individuals running, managing, and monitoring data pipelines.

Data Teams Summit is an annual, full-day virtual conference, led by data rockstars at future-forward organizations about how they're establishing predictability, increasing reliability, and creating economic efficiencies with their data pipelines.

Who comes to Data Teams Summit?

Data professionals and experts including data engineers, administrators, architects, analysts, AI/ML professionals, and relevant data technology leadership.

Join us for sessions on:

  • Data teams & best practices
  • Data pipelines & applications
  • DataOps observability
  • Data quality & data governance
  • Operations observability
  • MLOps
  • Data modernization & architecture
  • Biz/FinOps observability
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